Sunday, 22 January 2012

Aurora 22/01/2012

 Here are the photos I took during the Aurora of 
Sunday January 22nd 2012 from Spey Bay

17:45 Awaiting the arrival of darkness

18:15 As darkness fell the Northern lights became visible as a green glow

18:20 more structure beginning to appear 
18:30 Ursa Major through the Aurora above the Osprey and Salmon

18:45 red and green can be seen

18:58 Clouds start moving in and are lit up by the light pollution of Lossiemouth

19:05 Rays start to appear

19:10 The Rayed Arch begins to dance over the Moray Firth

  My Daughters Heather and Hazel are rapped up warm against the north see winds
  20:15 The final image as the clouds rolled in, before taking taking Hazel home to bed, and Heather and me could have some supper before starting round two
  We returned at 22:00 fed and watered, and were met with this wonderful sight of clear sky to the NE, but the ominous looking dark clouds to the west was a warning of what was to come.


 22:50 The encroaching cloud began to spoil the view of the Aurora which was becoming very active. As you will see though for these final three images the Northern light show left the best to last.

 All of these pictures were taken with a Canon 300D, iso 800, AS 3.5, Exposure 25 seconds. The only processing done is stitching of the panoramas in Microsoft ICE, no Photoshop  here!

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